Table Songs

by Flamethrowers Blues Band

Released 2006
Released 2006
Guitar Driven Rocking Blues with a solid rhythm section , flute and harp accents and vocals.
ABOUT THIS CD: Why “Table Songs”? : Because the lyrics were all written at various “Kitchen Tables” in New Orleans, Fire Headquarters in Paterson, NJ, and other exotic places.

We knew we wanted to record something, talked about it for a long time, trying to decide what to record. We thought about doing some “covers” but decided to see if we could come up with some originals. I had written a bunch of songs back in the early 70’s for The Paper Steamboat and Thunderhead. These two New Orleans bands had recording contracts and had some hits on the local stations, but never “made it”.
Three of the songs Still my Girl, L.A.SHuffle and Long Haired Mama were never recorded by those bands but arranged and played “live” by them. So I have to thank them for the basic arrangements. Thanks to Ronnie Dobbs, O.T. Ware, Bobby Torello and Pat Rush
I played the tunes for the guys and we re-arranged some and completely changed the others until they became Flamethrowers songs.Jim and I wrote The Zoloft Song and Tell Your Sugar Daddy during a break in the sessions. Nothing fancy here, just songs that fit our style, words you can understand and maybe relate to. If nothing else, we hope you listen and enjoy and then come out and catch the band at one of our gigs.