About the Band


Captain Mike and The Flamethrowers

The Flamethrowers band was formed in 2003 by Jack Kuhn and Mike Ventimiglia AKA, Mike Dagger after Mike and Jack had had enough of the Wedding scene and wanted to play the music they loved. They quickly recruited Jim Perrini on Slide and Lead guitar Sandy Winnerman on Bass and Fred Campbell on Lead guitar, The band was together for 6 years and played all over North Jersey in clubs and even opened for Edgar Winter, Cactus and a few others .They recorded their first CD in 2006 at Jim Perrini's studio in Ringwood, NJ and released it on all the Streaming sites. During this time, Mike was called to front his old band Thunderhead which was releasing a CD that was produced by Johnny Winter in 1974 but never picked up by a label. Mike decided to head back to New Orleans and try to promote the CD, but the timing was not right and the project never got off the ground. In the meantime Sandy Winnerman moved to Florida and Tragically Jim Perrini passed away from an illness.

    Fast forward to 2014, Jack and Fred Campbell were still playing clubs and had picked up Brian Earle (Keys,vocals and Guitar) and Jeff  Mullaney (Bass and Vocals ) . Mike returned from New Orleans and rejoined the group and are back on the circuit again.